1.2 Billion Catholics in the World...
But You’re Still Struggling to Find Like-Minded Friends?

In a world that is at odds with everything you stand for, knowing that you’re not alone is more important than ever.

Enter Catholic Networker: The Networking App for Catholics.

It may look like a dating app, feel like a dating app, and even work like a dating app.
But it is not a dating app.

This app allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, with the simple intention of Catholic fellowship.
Where it leads after, who knows?

Hence, profiles are served to you not based on gender but rather based on your similar interests.

It isn’t a social media app either.
We’re not trying to create another failure of an alternative social media platform.
Rather, CatholicNetworker hopes to foster connections beyond the app.

CatholicNetworker aspires to form powerful connections throughout our universal Church, connections that are just waiting to happen. Because that’s how businesses are built, ideas are brought to life, and yes, even how families are started.

Imagine Linkedin+Tinder+Catholicism. That’s CatholicNetworker.

The Mission

  •   That no Catholic ever has to feel alone in this crazy world turned upside down.
  •   In any industry, you could be connected with every other faithful Catholic in the space.
  •   You’ll have a global network of Catholics and you’ll always know someone wherever in the world you go.
  •   If you’re looking to start a business or a project, you’ll have an entire network of talented people who share your values.